General Artist Statement...

My work has largely been grounded in a systems based drawing practise that explores how a complex structure can be generated from the methodical repetition of a singular linear form.
Through a process of superimposition and repetition, I employ simple mathematical and geometric devices that determine the aesthetic nature of the work. The result is a physical manifestation of the tension between the line and an underpinning system, the one thing being defined by the other. Central to my thinking is the idea of great complexity being derived from great simplicity.
Although these works often appear mechanically produced, they are in fact laboriously hand crafted and on closer inspection one may discern the errors and imperfections that attest to this. This lends the work a more tactile quality that alludes to a sense of time. Like geological strata, the laying down of line after line over hours, days and weeks evokes a sensation of time being spanned and the repetitive nature of the work becomes an almost meditative act. 

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